Total Goals Betting Tips

Learn Total Goals Odds and Betting


Total Goals betting is extremely popular and often you will find the line to be 2.5 goals. This can sometimes confuse newbies as they struggle with the concept of 0.5/half of a goal. The 0.5/half is there to help create a 2-way betting market. Learn More…

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You either win or you lose there can be no push. You are able to bet on lines all the way from the 0.5 goals upwards. Obviously taking under 0.5 goals is exactly the same as betting the 0-0 correct score.


Learn Asian Total Goals Odds and Betting


With most bookies now there is also the option to bet into Asian Total Goals markets. Once again, 2-way markets but also with the possibility of pushes, half stake wins and half stakes losses.


Teams Total Goals Odds and Betting


Coaches are extremely pivotal in dictating whether lines will go over or under. Man Utd under Jose Mourinho have been profitable to follow on the unders when playing away against other top teams. On the flip side when Bournemouth play a top team, there tends to be plenty of goals flowing. Liverpool and Man City are such high scorers in recent seasons that their primary total goals lines are often set at 3.5 goals.


Total Goals Odds and Betting Tip


One thing to remember when betting Total Goals markets is that the human brain/average punter enjoys betting on things TO happen as oppose to NOT happen. There is a far bigger amount of bets placed on the over selection in all total markets. The bookies do tend to factor this in and often are on the shortish side when it comes to the over and therefore more likely to offer up value on unders. That’s not to say you should blindly back all unders, it’s just to say if you did that all your life – your money would probably last longer than if you solely bet overs.